Browse our range of safety footwear suitable for all general, work & environments with strict health and safety standards. Our safety footwear comes in branded and unbranded ranges. Choose from a range of cushioned and brogue safety shoes, dual density boots, leather safety trainers, safety boots and more. Our safety footwear is suitable for all environments from hospitals to warehouses, factories, industrial environments and more all at fantastic prices with fast delivery. If you are looking for progressive safety footwear, we also supply this type of durable foot wear.
Safety footwear is essential for any environments where there’s a risk of slip and falls, where heavy objects are being handled, or where there’s a risk of being caught in machinery. At Talley Safety Solutions, we have a wide range of safety shoes and boots which are suitable for all sorts of work environments. With fantastic prices, you can ensure your entire workforce have the best quality footwear to keep them safe while on-site.
There are many different types of safety footwear available depending on your needs, and some of our clients include warehouses, factories, and hospitals. We offer comfortable safety footwear that are slip and heat resistant, and ideal for workers who cover a lot of ground in the average day. Our range of smart safety shoes have features such as oil resistance and steel toe-caps, and offer excellent safety features while still looking professional.
If you’re looking for more heavy duty safety footwear, then we offer boots from well-known brands that offer safety and comfort ie. Bronx, DOT, Argony, Worker man, BATA, Frams etc. You can choose boots with features such as waterproofing and insulation, making them ideal for the toughest of industrial environments.
When you are shopping for safety footwear, it’s important that it meets SABS standards, which includes a toe cap capable of withstanding 200 joules of impact, as well as a whole list of safety requirements. Rest assured, all the safety footwear sold by Talley Safety Solutions meets these rigorous standards.
Talley Safety Solutions provide safety footwear for both men and women, with all orders dispatched promptly from our Johannesburg based warehouse. Every product we sell is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, so you can be sure that the footwear you select is safe and sturdy.

• Safety Shoes
Talley Safety Solutions offers a range of branded and unbranded safety shoes. If you’re looking to buy cheap safety shoes that are good quality and suitable for all general & health and safety environments then look no further. Browse our range below, we have everything. We stock men’s and women’s safety shoes in all sizes and a range of additional options including colours. So if you are looking for comfy work shoes at a great price then browse our range below, or call us on 011 791 1440.
If you are working in an environment where you need safety footwear, but you still want to look smart and professional, then safety shoes are a good alternative to boots. They’re often favoured by site managers who might need to go between the office and industrial areas, and could easily be worn with a suit or business clothing.
Usually made with dark leather uppers, safety shoes have a classic look, and are different to the usual heavy work boots. Our range of safety shoes meet the strict standards of SABS, while still looking smart enough to wear to a meeting. With steel or composite toe caps and slip resistant soles, they have lots of hidden safety features.
If you’re on your feet a lot, then you can choose safety shoes with air cushioned soles, and we also stock electric safety shoes to wear in environments where there is a risk of electrocution. Talley Safety Solutions stock a wide range of safety shoes suitable for both men and women, from high quality brands such as Caterpillar. Every item that we dispatch from our Randburg warehouse comes with a guarantee, and we offer fast delivery to your home or workplace.

• Safety Boots
Our safety boots come in a full range of sizes and from a range of different brands. From budget to ultra-high quality safety boots we stock all types. If you require safety boots that will offer the maximum protection for your feet and ankles and are HSE compliant then look no further. Our boot range includes CAT and DOT safety boots. Our boots are SABS Compliant, feature impact resistant steel toecaps and are generally slip resistant / solvent & oil resistant and more.
Safety boots are tough, rugged, durable footwear that are designed to protect your feet from the elements. Suitable for a wide array of environments, safety boots come in a wide range of styles with a vast number of features. The main items to look for are slip resistance, sole type, ankle support, heat resistance and of course waterproofing. There are lots of brands of safety boots including CAT and a range of unbranded options. Our range of safety boot footwear is suitable for both men and women (unisex options). Our boots combine elegant design with high quality durability, designed to protect your feet.